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The Waterbridge Mark Is the Symbol for Quality

When you see the Waterbridge mark on Belgian and Swiss chocolates, biscuits, and traditional sweets, you can trust that you are always buying quality at an exceptional price. For more than 20 years, we have developed relationships with the finest creators of traditional sweets and artisan confections. This enables us to offer imported premium products lovingly dressed for sale at your favorite retailers.

Look for the Waterbridge Brands

The brands operating under the Waterbridge name include:

Waterbridge Belgian Chocolate – From the richest, darkest chocolate to the creamiest milk chocolate, our Belgian chocolates come in a range of sizes and shapes suited for you or to give as gifts. As the premier importer of Belgian chocolate in Canada, we guarantee tremendous flavours beyond expectations.

Belgian Chocolate

Waterbridge Swiss Chocolate – Swiss chocolate lovers agree that Waterbridge’s variety is true to the original recipes treasured for years in Switzerland. Indulge in a bar today and satisfy your chocolate cravings with traditional chocolate recipes from the Alps.

Swiss Chocolate

Waterbridge Traditional Sweets – Canadian consumers who want pure confections pick Waterbridge. Each bag, tin or package of traditional sweets like wine gums or liquorice is filled with treasures that are just better for you thanks to their ingredients. Whenever possible, Waterbridge strives to bring you traditional sweets that are free of artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives.

Waterbridge Sweets

Waterbridge All Gold Biscuits – Ideal for snacking, and perfect for gift-giving, each All Gold biscuits carton or tin is well-dressed and affordably priced. Bring a taste of Europe to your table with tasty biscuits from Waterbridge.

All Gold

Trust Waterbridge Brands for a Lifetime of Sweet Indulgence

Throughout the years, Waterbridge has built a loyal base of consumers who believe in our philosophy of value, appeal, excellence and sustainability. Join us today by purchasing a Waterbridge product the next time you shop at any of the retails that carry our line of brands.

Looking for Waterbridge brands? Check out your nearest retailer.