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Celebrating more than 25 years of being the dapper, vivacious life of the party!  

Dressed to impress and sporting timeless confidence, every Waterbridge product promises classic sophistication and a dash of old-world refinement.  From mouth-watering Belgian and Swiss chocolates, to richly flavoured traditional sweets, Waterbridge imports the world’s most celebrated edible treasures for the benefit of Canadians seeking culinary pleasure. We’re the classy VIP of luscious and sweet snacks that are offered at a delightfully modest price.  

Waterbridge, the fashionable brand that brings refinement and a taste of tradition to your home.

Since 1987, Waterbridge has built itself beyond a mere private company; its brand name has become synonymous among Canadians seeking revered treats.  Chocolates, traditional sweets and biscuits from Europe and the rest of the globe are only crowned with the Waterbridge mark after passing rigorous tests for quality.  Not only do we insist upon the most authentic recipes straight from the annals of yesteryear, but we expect our partners across the pond to use natural ingredients to produce purely unforgettable products.

Satisfaction is just a nibble away when you travel with Waterbridge.

Why deny your cravings when Waterbridge can be as close as your pantry, counter or tote?  Indulge in your natural penchant for sophisticated chocolates, traditional sweets and biscuits without paying a penthouse price.  You never need a special occasion for a date with Waterbridge.

Staying loyal is natural when you fall in love with Waterbridge.

It’s time to settle down with a brand you feel good about taking home to mother.  Find out why Canadians who care about premium products that offer variety and goodness choose Waterbridge.  We’re truly the marriage of cocoa beans and culinary craftsmanship.  One taste, and you’ll say “I do” to our time-honoured flavours.

Find Waterbridge’s year-round and seasonal items at your favorite Canadian retailers.

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