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Whether you crave smooth and creamy, or prefer deep mellow notes of cocoa, chocolate filled with delicious dried fruits and roasted nuts, or rich mouth-watering chocolate without all the fixings. Waterbridge has a flavour for every chocolate lover.

Proud Canadian Chocolate Brand

While our chocolate is crafted by skilled artisans in Belgium, Switzerland and England, we at Waterbridge pride ourselves on our Canadian roots. The concept of the Waterbridge chocolate bar was born in 1993. The idea was to bring delicious premium chocolate from our incredibly skilled manufacturers across Europe and merge it with fabulous prices for savvy Canadian shoppers.

Belgian Chocolate vs Swiss Chocolate

There have been many a long and heated debate over chocolate quality as a relation of where it comes from. Here’s the truth: chocolate, no matter where it is made, originates from the same source: cocoa. Cocoa comes from neither Belgium, Switzerland nor England. Quality is not a relation of where chocolate is made, but rather the skill, method and expertise of the artisan who crafts it.

Each Waterbridge bar, no matter where it comes from, is crafted using only the highest quality, sustainably sourced ingredients. Utilizing cutting edge technology and decades of knowledge, expertise and passion of our artisanal partners.

There is of course a different flavour profile associated with both traditional Belgian and Swiss chocolate. A simple way to describe this difference would be; Belgian chocolate traditionally has a stronger cocoa flavour, while Swiss chocolate is described as a creamier eat. Waterbridge is the vessel that seamlessly merges the expertise of chocolatiers from all over the world under one Canadian banner.

Natural Ingredients and Sustainable Practices

No matter which Waterbridge product is your favourite one thing can always be guaranteed; only the highest quality ingredients go into a Waterbridge treat. Our chocolate bars are crafted with all-natural flavours and colours.

Sustainable practices are a core part of the Waterbridge brand. Waterbridge works in partnership with the Cocoa for Schools organization to ensure cocoa beans are sourced sustainably. The organization also helps to educate cocoa farmers and provide them with the tools to succeed and farm safely and efficiently.

Give the Gift of Premium Waterbridge Chocolate

If you are searching for the perfect gifting item, look no further. Not only is Waterbridge chocolate a delicious treat, it is dressed to impress any recipient!

Waterbridge chocolate is available at your local Canadian retailer.



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