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When you’re a market leader, you get noticed.

Since our beginnings, Waterbridge has consistently had the privilege of receiving accolades from industry professionals. These awards showcase our position as a premier Canadian company offering the finest confectionaries and chocolates from abroad. In addition to the honours we have been given, we have diligently strived to acquire the highest amount of knowledge possible to bring our customers excellence without compromise. The certifications we hold illustrate our commitment to exceptionalism at every level within the Waterbridge community.

Waterbridge guarantees that the products packaged in and shipped from our facility are not adulterated with physical and/or chemical and/or biological hazards. Products are produced in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices and Risk Assessments and HACCP evaluations have been conducted to ensure that all manufacturing processes comply with current food safety requirements. All products are labelled in accordance with the established guidelines of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.


Waterbridge is…

… part of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). This private organization established the general requirements for food safety. The various standards (BRC, IFS, SQF) are based on those requirements.

… certified to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 7.

This assures customers that Waterbridge has a robust food safety and quality management system in place, from choosing suppliers to shipping to customers.

Waterbridge meets…

… NSF Global Standard for Food Safety (Certificate of Conformity)

This Certificate from a third-party certification body assures consumers that Waterbridge conforms to global food safety initiatives in the channels of food, packaging, packaging materials, storage and distribution. We adhere to the benchmarked standards set forth by this credentialing body, and support future initiatives to further protect the consumer as well as our employees.

Discover what our Awards and Certificates mean to you. Taste a Waterbridge chocolate or confectionary treat today, available at many retailers throughout Canada!