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Delightful Confections Featuring Traditional Flavours.

Since 1993, Waterbridge has built a reputation for bringing exceptionally-crafted chocolates, traditional sweets, biscuits and more to Canadian consumers seeking affordable edible treasures. We are the bridge between the birthplaces of exquisite culinary treats and your home. Each product is beautifully dressed and available in a variety of retail settings throughout the country. One nibble of a Waterbridge chocolate, biscuit or traditional sweet, and you will never want to be without a bag, carton or tin!

Diversity in Selection and Exceptionalism in Every Recipe

While it’s fine to have a favourite treat, it’s better to have a selection of delectable creations at your fingertips. Whether you’re in the mood for the smoothest Swiss chocolate this side of the Alps, or you’re craving wine gums made using time-honoured methods, your satisfaction is as close as your next package of Waterbridge confectionaries. Look for the Waterbridge logo at the places you shop throughout Canada.

A Passion for Cocoa Beans, Natural Ingredients and Pure Indulgence

One of the reasons for Waterbridge’s continuing success is our family of employees’ passion for customer service. Each package we offer has been lovingly dressed and is suitable for everyday snacking as well as gift-giving. If we don’t love what we taste, we never give it the Waterbridge stamp of approval.

Sustainability at Every Level

From ingredients to packaging methods, Waterbridge is committed to practicing smart stewardship of our earth’s natural resources. This includes offering items featuring wholesome ingredients blended expertly under environmentally-friendly conditions. When you see the Waterbridge logo, you can feel good that you’re buying from a company that values conservation efforts.

Find Waterbridge products at your nearest retailer, and check out the Waterbridge blog for updates and information about your favorite treats.