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Travel Tin Peppermint

Waterbridge Travel Tin Peppermint 175g

Travel Tin WildBerry

Waterbridge Travel Tin WildBerry 175g

Waterbridge Travel Tin Summer Fruits 175g

During the warmer months, you may crave confectionaries that will be refreshing and never too filling. That’s where our Waterbridge Travel Tin in Summer Fruit flavours is perfectly suited to your snacking needs. Each Waterbridge Travel Tin is aroma-sealed to keep all the tastes of the peach, strawberry and apricot flavours as fresh as possible. You’ll notice the difference between our Summer Fruits and other boiled candies, because we use a proprietary technology that keeps the delectable sugar coating on the candy, not at the bottom of the tin! Embrace summer and keep your Waterbridge Travel Tin handy!
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This product can be found at leading retailers, including Home Hardware, Shoppers Drug Mart, Farm Boy, Drug Trading
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