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Waterbridge Occasions Tin 600g

Waterbridge Occasions Tin 600g

Waterbridge Occasions Carton 150g

English chocolate? Check! Toffees? Check! Traditional recipes? Check! The Waterbridge Occasions Carton fits all your desires with an assortment of 12 milk and dark chocolate favourites. You’ll be able to indulge in milk chocolate soft caramels, milk chocolate coconut truffles, dark chocolate orange crèmes, milk chocolate hazelnut swirls, milk chocolate fudge and so many more treats! Pick up a Waterbridge Occasions Carton today for yourself and a loved one. Its classic flavours are made the Waterbridge way: authentic, sustainable and priced right.
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This product can be found at leading retailers, including Freshco, Home Hardware, London Drugs, Northwest, Red Apple
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