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Sponge Toffee Bites Pouch

Waterbridge Just Toffee Sponge Toffee Bites Pouch 200g

Creamy Toffee Pouch

Waterbridge Just Toffee Creamy Toffee Pouch 200g

Waterbridge Just Toffee Chocolate Caramels Pouch 180g

We at Waterbridge were wondering… what could be better than caramel toffee? That’s when it came to us, delicious caramel toffee covered in silky smooth chocolate, Eureka! Of course, the idea isn’t so new. In the United Kingdom, people have enjoyed this mouth-watering treat for decades! If the Brits can enjoy it… why can’t we! Introducing Waterbridge’s luxurious Chocolate Caramel.
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