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Waterbridge Ice Squares Pouch 180g

Waterbridge Ice Squares Pouch 180g

Waterbridge Ice Tub 400g

Have you tried a Waterbridge ice confectionary yet? If not, make sure to grab a few tubs this holiday season. Waterbridge Ices are squares made of confection with a hazelnut aroma. Ice chocolate is a German creation and melts easily in the mouth. Most people feel as if it cools their tongues as the heat energy is absorbed. What’s the secret to this scientific occurrence? It’s the coconut oil we use that begins to melt at a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius! Of course, all you need to really remember is that Waterbridge Ice chocolates provide you with a lovely, sensual experience.
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This product can be found at leading retailers, including Giant Tiger, Home Hardware, London Drugs, Northwest, Red Apple, Drug Trading
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