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Allsorts Pouch 400g

Waterbridge Allsorts Pouch 400g

Fruit Pastilles Pouch 200g

Waterbridge Fruit Pastilles Pouch 200g

Waterbridge Dolly Mix Pouch 200g

Who wouldn’t love a Dolly Mix that comes straight from England, the home of this traditional sweet? Dolly Mix consists of all-natural colours and flavours, and the soft fondant is sugar-coated and fruity from the first to the last bites. It’s an iconic treat from the English, so grab a handful of British nostalgia. Find a Waterbridge Dolly Mix 200 gram pouch priced to satisfy your sweet tooth and frugal leanings at your nearest Canadian retailer.
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This product can be found at leading retailers, including Bulk Barn, Giant Tiger, Red Apple
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