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Waterbridge Red & Black Berries Wine Gums Pouch 200g

Waterbridge Red & Black Berries Wine Gums Pouch 200g

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Waterbridge Canada Wine Gums Pouch 200g

Waterbridge Canada Wine Gums began as a limited edition item, but when we heard how much Canadians loved the gelatine free recipe and iconic Canadian shapes we had to bring these delicious treats back for good! Inside each pack of Waterbridge Canada Wine Gums you will find these iconic shapes: (Beaver) For years, the pelt of the Canadian beaver served as the cornerstone of the fur trade. It catapulted Europe’s commercial interest in North America and now captivates Canada’s taste-buds in wine gum form. (Hockey Skates) First played in Canada in the 19th century, we pay homage to Canada’s fast-paced official national winter sport with this delicious pair of hockey skates! (Moose) A majestic symbol of Canadian forests. These creatures deserve a top spot in our Canada mix. The strong, bold flavour of our wine gum compliments the image of these sturdy, mighty beasts. (Flag) The Canadian flag, infused with the traditional rich flavour of a wine gum - a smash hit at any celebration! (Loonie) The Loonie (or “huard”, French for loon) was introduced in 1987. But we won't be hiding these lucky loonies under ice for good luck, we’ll be savouring every last one! (Maple Leaf) The national symbol of Canada can now be enjoyed as a rich, naturally vibrant and chewy treat! Perfect to kick off your Canada day festivities. (Canoe) Float away in this moreish canoe representing one of Canada’s best-known modes of transportation used by Alexander Mackenzie, the first explorer to cross the North American continent.

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