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Allsorts Pouch 200g

Waterbridge Allsorts Pouch 200g

Dolly Mix Pouch 200g

Waterbridge Dolly Mix Pouch 200g

Waterbridge Allsorts Pouch 400g

This is liquorice at its best, all grown up and with natural colours and flavours! The cast of characters in this 400 gram pouch will delight the child in you. Jelly buttons are coated in a sweet shell; liquorice twists are just the right size to pop in your mouth; tiny fruit sandwiches come in raspberry, lemon and chocolate; yellow and pink coconut rolls will take you to the Caribbean; and the liquorice rolls hide a soft surprise in the middle. You’ll be able to indulge all of your cravings with a package of Waterbridge Allsorts. Remember to get one for your favourite liquorice fan today!
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