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Valentine’s Day is more than just a one-day holiday.  It’s a celebration of all kinds of love.  While romance is definitely in the air on February 14th, other types of affection are also in bloom.  Parents give their children chocolate treats… kids give their parents a little something chocolatey to nibble on… and teachers offer their students chocolate treasures.

Waterbridge Kiss Heart Lolly Combo Pack 45g

Waterbridge Allsorts Pouch 200g

Waterbridge Canada Wine Gums Pouch 150g

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If you’ve been looking for the right type of Valentine’s Day gift, look no further than Waterbridge Belgian chocolates.  All our chocolate has been manufactured using time-honoured methods, producing the creamiest milk chocolates and aromatic dark chocolate.  It’s pure, it’s indulgent and it’s flying off the shelves!

You can find genuine Waterbridge chocolate products throughout Canada at many of your favourite retailers.  However, our Valentine's collection is only available around Valentine’s Day.  Look for Waterbridge in stores now, and show your loved ones how much they mean to you with a well-dressed product from a premier Canadian company.



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