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  1. Creamy Toffee Pouch
    Waterbridge Just Toffee Creamy Toffee Pouch 200g
    The English love their toffee… and we know you will too! This gorgeously creamy toffee will melt in your mouth. Warning: you will definitely eat the whole bag! The word “Toffee” first appeared in the Oxford English... Learn More
  2. Milk Chocolate Sponge Toffee Pouch
    Waterbridge Just Toffee Milk Chocolate Sponge Toffee Pouch 125g
    Waterbridge Just Toffee Milk Chocolate Sponge Toffee is the perfect treat for a die-hard toffee lover. If you love the crunch and snap of a true sponge toffee you will love these sweet two-bite pieces, dunked and drizzled in a... Learn More
  3. Sponge Toffee Bites Pouch
    Waterbridge Just Toffee Sponge Toffee Bites Pouch 200g
    Deliciously smooth Waterbridge chocolate enrobes a sweet caramel sponge center in this traditional English toffee. Whether you melt it on your tongue or go straight for the crunch, this sweet treat does not disappoint! An... Learn More
  4. Waterbridge Krazy Keys 200g
    Waterbridge Krazy Keys 200g
    You’ve never seen a gummy mix like this before! Waterbridge Krazy Keys contain both small and JUMBO sour gummy keys in six mouth-watering fruity flavours! Covered in a delicious layer of sour sugar crystals, Krazy Keys are the... Learn More
  5. Mini Allsorts Pouch 200g
    Waterbridge Mini Allsorts Pouch 200g
    What could be sweeter than 200 grams of your favourite Waterbridge Allsorts in delightful bite sizes? We've miniaturized this classic English treat infused with natural colours and flavours. Enjoy mini jelly buttons, mini... Learn More
  6. Mini Allsorts Pouch 400g
    Waterbridge Mini Allsorts Pouch 400g
    We’ve taken Allsorts to a more playful level with our Waterbridge Mini Allsorts 400 gram pouch. Each sweet boasts a unique flavour and texture that’s authentically English. The mini jelly buttons are covered in pink or blue... Learn More
  7. Pontefract Cakes Pouch 200g
    Waterbridge Pontefract Cakes Pouch 200g
    Straight from the liquorice capital of England comes Waterbridge Pontefract Cakes! If you want a rich, robust liquorice flavour, you don’t have to go any farther than these traditional sweets. Made using time-honoured... Learn More
  8. Waterbridge Red & Black Berries Wine Gums Pouch 200g
    Waterbridge Red & Black Berries Wine Gums Pouch 200g
    Waterbridge Red & Black Berries is the bag of wine gums you’ve been waiting for. One bag filled to the brim with everyone’s favourite flavours! No more picking through the bag for your favourites. Using the recipe you know... Learn More
  9. Waterbridge Samesorts Pouch 200g
    Waterbridge Samesorts Pouch 200g
    Are Jelly Buttons your favourite type of Allsorts? Your dream has finally come true! Now, Waterbridge offers a 200 gram pouch of Jelly Buttons. This Waterbridge Samesorts package provides you with the candy-coated jellies that... Learn More
  10. Sesame Flow Pack
    Waterbridge Sesame Case 32 Pieces 864g
    Sesame snacks from Waterbridge are simply the best confectionary you can get! This is a crunchy, sweet treat that’s been enjoyed by kids and adults for decades. Made from all-natural ingredients, our Waterbridge Sesame Flow... Learn More
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