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  1. Sesame 3 Pack
    Sesame 3 Pack
    Straight from Poland to homes in Canada come our Waterbridge Sesame snacks. Not only do they pack an all-natural intenseness of flavours and textures, but they’re a great source of fibre, calcium and protein. Our Waterbridge... Learn More
  2. Allsorts Pouch 1kg
    Waterbridge Allsorts Pouch 1kg
    If you thought our seasonal towers were big you haven't seen anything yet! Our 1kg bag of Waterbridge Allsorts is our biggest pack yet! With a handle perfect for carrying sweet snacks on all your adventures and a resealable clasp... Learn More
  3. Allsorts Pouch 200g
    Waterbridge Allsorts Pouch 200g
    Are you looking for a sweet snack that features all-natural colours and no artificial flavourings? Meet Waterbridge Allsorts! These are true English traditional sweets, brought to you in all their glory. Feast on sweet-shell... Learn More
  4. Allsorts Pouch 400g
    Waterbridge Allsorts Pouch 400g
    This is liquorice at its best, all grown up and with natural colours and flavours! The cast of characters in this 400 gram pouch will delight the child in you. Jelly buttons are coated in a sweet shell; liquorice twists are... Learn More
  5. Canada Wine Gums Pouch 150g
    Waterbridge Canada Wine Gums Pouch 200g
    100% of 100
    Waterbridge Canada Wine Gums began as a limited edition item, but when we heard how much Canadians loved the gelatine free recipe and iconic Canadian shapes we had to bring these delicious treats back for good! Inside each pack... Learn More
  6. Dolly Mix Pouch 200g
    Waterbridge Dolly Mix Pouch 200g
    Who wouldn’t love a Dolly Mix that comes straight from England, the home of this traditional sweet? Dolly Mix consists of all-natural colours and flavours, and the soft fondant is sugar-coated and fruity from the first to the... Learn More
  7. Waterbridge FizzyPop Pouch 200g
    Waterbridge FizzyPop Pouch 200g
    You haven’t seen a mix like this before. Everyone’s favourite cola bottle has been joined by some delicious new flavours in our Waterbridge FizzyPop mix. Classic Cola, fizzy Ginger Beer, sparkly Pink Lemonade and succulent... Learn More
  8. Fruit Pastilles Pouch 200g
    Waterbridge Fruit Pastilles Pouch 200g
    There’s hardly a day that goes by when you don’t have a moment that’s perfectly suited for some Waterbridge Fruit Pastilles. With natural colours and flavourings, these Fruit Pastilles are covered in sugar and feature... Learn More
  9. Waterbridge Funmix Pouch 200g
    Waterbridge Funmix Pouch 200g
    This delightfully fruity mix contains a shape and flavour for every candy lover to enjoy. Sink your teeth into ferocious sharks, succulent gummy bears, tantalizing gummy hearts and berries, an adorable fried egg and delicious pop... Learn More
  10. Waterbridge Funmix Sour Pouch 200g
    Waterbridge Funmix Sour Pouch 200g
    We're so excited to share our feisty new sour gummies with you! Funmix Sour is a tangy treat we know you’ll love. Where else would you find fierce sour gummy bears packing a serious punch, tasty sour keys and sour cherries all... Learn More
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