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Traditional European Waterbridge Candy and Sweets

Let your imagination run wild with Waterbridge sweets! Our collection of tantalizing treats is constantly evolving. Whether you have a taste for the traditional, or are enticed by deliciously tangy. If you crave something sumptuously sweet, or are conscious about ingredients and where they come from. No matter what your preference we have a scrumptious bag of sweets just for you.

A History of Bringing Traditional Sweets to Canada

Our passion for candy began back in 1993 and our love affair with all things sweet has continued for over 20 years. While we are infatuated with chasing fantastic new items around the world and bringing them home to Canadians, we have always been incredibly passionate about traditional English sweets.

Waterbridge currently partners with some of the oldest and most respected manufacturers of fine traditional sweets such as English Wine Gums, Licorice Allsorts, Mini Allsorts, Fruit Pastilles, Jelly Babies, Dolly Mix and Samesorts.

Whatever your go-to traditional sweet may be, Waterbridge is likely to offer it at your closest Canadian retailer. Make sure to look for the Waterbridge label in places you frequently shop.

Liquorice from its Hometown of Pontefract

When it comes to liquorice, there can be no mistaking superb quality. Waterbridge imports all of its liquorice from its world home, England. The birth of what we consider liquorice took place in Pontefract, England, where Waterbridge Pontefract Cakes are still made today. At Waterbridge, we consider our liquorice treats some of the most tantalizing and memorable traditional sweets we offer.

English Wine Gums Straight to Canadian Consumers

As the premier supplier of authentic English wine gums in Canada, Waterbridge promises only the truest wine gum flavour in every bite. Savour the unique texture and taste of wine gums. Once you taste an authentic English wine gum, it’s impossible to be satisfied with anything else!

Perfect for Kids and Kids at Heart

Your sweet tooth will thank you for indulging in our Waterbridge Funsweets. We are incredibly excited to share with you our continuously expanding line of gummies and treats made for kids and kids at heart. Bright colours, bold flavours and countless shapes and textures to try, you’ll have loads of fun sharing these delicious treats with friends and family.

Toffee Made Using Traditional Techniques

Looking for a deliciously creamy toffee at the best possible price? Waterbridge Just Toffee will fit the bill… and will look fantastic doing it! Chocolate Eclairs, Creamy toffee, crunchy sponge toffee bites and smooth chocolate caramels make up this breathtaking collection. Each toffee piece is crafted by artisans with an emphasis on care, quality and traditional methods.

Why Traditional Sweets Are Always Appreciated

Most people have a traditional sweet they couldn’t imagine living without. For some, it brings back fond childhood recollections. For others, it evokes a sense of fun and excitement. No matter why you yearn for favourites like dolly mix, fruit pastilles or liquorices, Waterbridge has the right flavours at the best price. We’re the premier importer of the purest traditional sweets from around the globe, making it convenient for you to have the tastes you crave in the comfort of your home.

Designed to Stand Out, Crafted to Please

All products found under the Waterbridge label, from a simple bag to an elaborate box, are as attractive as they are delectable. Not only are our Waterbridge traditional sweets crafted for rich, strong and memorable flavours, but they are dressed for success and perfect for gifting!

You can find Waterbridge sweets in Canada’s best-known stores.



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