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Happiness Is as Close as Waterbridge Traditional Sweets

When you give even the most serious adult any of our Waterbridge traditional sweets, you’ll see an instant change in demeanour.  Who can resist the flavours of Pontefract liquorice, Allsorts, English wine gums and other treasures?  No wonder Waterbridge traditional sweets are so popular that you’ll want to buy two so you’re never without!    

A History of Bringing Traditional Sweets to Canada

Since 1987, Waterbridge has brought Canadians the tastiest imported premium confectionaries at affordable prices.  Waterbridge currently partners with respected manufacturers of fine traditional sweets such as English winegums, Allsorts, Mini Allsorts, fruit pastilles, dolly mix and Samesorts.  The delicious treats are well-known throughout the world.  Enjoy a taste of England in every bite!

Whatever your go-to traditional sweet may be, Waterbridge is likely to offer it at your closest large retailer.  Look for Waterbridge confections in places you frequently shop.  Don’t forget that Waterbridge is well-dressed for instant gift-giving!

Liquorice From Its Hometown of Pontefract

When it comes to liquorice, there can be no mistaking superb quality.  Waterbridge imports all its liquorice from its world home, England.  The birth of what we consider liquorice took place in Pontefract; today Pontefract cakes are still enjoyed by people seeking true liquorice taste.  At Waterbridge, we consider our liquorice treats some of the most tantalizing and memorable traditional sweets we offer.  Find out for yourself why Waterbridge liquorice is true to its native English beginnings.

English Wine Gums Straight to Canadian Consumers

As the premier supplier of authentic English wine gums in Canada, Waterbridge promises only the truest wine gum flavour in every bite.  Savour the unique texture and taste of wine gums.  Once you taste an authentic English wine gum, it’s impossible to be satisfied with anything else!

Fudge Made Using Old-World Techniques

Looking for fudge that tastes like it came straight out of your great-grandmother’s country kitchen?  Waterbridge fudge is made from recipes that were brought down through generations.  It’s melt-in-your-mouth goodness with every bite thanks to hours of careful blending, cooking and cooling.

Designed to Stand Out, Crafted to Please

All the products that you find under the Waterbridge label are as attractive as they are delectable.  Not only are our Waterbridge traditional sweets crafted for rich, strong and memorable flavours, but they are dressed for success!  You may just want to display your Waterbridge traditional sweets on your countertop or desktop thanks to their attractive trappings.

Why Traditional Sweets Are Always Appreciated

Most people have a traditional sweet they couldn’t imagine living without.  For some, it brings back fond childhood recollections.  For others, it evokes a sense of fun and excitement.  No matter why you yearn for favourites like dolly mix, fruit pastilles or liquorices, Waterbridge has the right flavours at the best price.  We’re the premier importer of the purest traditional sweets from around the globe, making it convenient for you to have the tastes you crave in the comfort of your home.  

Perfect for All Ages 

What could be a more fun multi-generational moment than sharing Waterbridge traditional sweet as a family?  It’s easy to connect with loved ones when you gather the family together for some after-meal treats and stories.  Canadian consumers of all ages appreciate the timeless beauty and consistently incredible flavours of products like Allsorts and jelly babies.  Make memories with your loved ones tonight – grab some traditional sweets from Waterbridge! 

You can find Waterbridge traditional sweets in Canada’s best-known stores.

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