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Evoke the Traditional Flavours and Richness of the Swiss Alps

If you crave creamy treats, you’ll love Waterbridge Swiss chocolate. Every bite will transport you to the best aspects of the Alpine region: Its harmony with nature, its majesty and its heritage. As the premier importer of Swiss chocolates in Canada, Waterbridge is proud to offer a wide range of sizes and styles of light, milky chocolate with the Waterbridge Swiss label. Look for it in your favourite retailer, and ask for Waterbridge Swiss chocolate by name. It’s premium Swiss chocolate priced affordably for everyday indulgence.

One Taste of Waterbridge Swiss Chocolate Is All It Takes

Are you new to Waterbridge Swiss chocolate? We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! One of our passions is to bring authentic Swiss chocolate – not Swiss “style” chocolate – to Canadians. The Swiss are serious about their chocolates, and they have been for years. In fact, when chocolate was originally brought to Europe, it was only available to the rich and powerful. Now, everyone can savour Swiss chocolate that originates from the cocoa tree, which ancient civilizations once considered the food of the gods.

From Elite Beginnings to World-Class Chocolates for All

Swiss chocolate began as a treat for the wealthy and gradually spread to everyday homes thanks to Switzerland’s own Daniel Peter’s invention of milk chocolate. The Swiss have taken culinary craftsmanship to new heights, adding the process of conching to chocolate-making in order to achieve unique Swiss flavours and textures. Waterbridge Swiss chocolate will transport you to the Alpine snow caps with a luscious finish and smooth aftertaste.

Quality Swiss Chocolates Defined by Taste and Punctuated by Affordability

With Waterbridge Swiss chocolate, you get all the flavours that you expect from a premium product, without having to pay exorbitant prices. Waterbridge Swiss chocolate is meant to be treasured by every person, not just by a select few. That’s why we’ve kept our overhead low and passed on the incredible savings to consumers. Now you can have Swiss chocolate whenever you want without worrying about cost.

Try Waterbridge Swiss Chocolate Today for You and Your Loved Ones

Whether you want a Swiss chocolate treat for you and your family, or you need a gift for a friend, there’s no better choice than a well-dressed Waterbridge Swiss chocolate! Surprise someone today and elicit a smile, or just treat yourself to something special. When you have Waterbridge, you have everything you need for pure snacking indulgence.

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