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From rich, volcanic soil comes an incredible
chocolate experience like no other...

Firetree by Waterbridge


The Soil & Volcanoes

The Firetree journey begins where all excellent chocolate should, with the soil.
We source our cocoa beans from a few very special places around the world
including “the ring of fire”, a group of 452 volcanic islands surrounding the
Pacific Ocean. Here you will find the firetree, or cocoa tree, with its flame red
cocoa pods thriving in the rich, porous volcanic soil. Soil is where the seeds of
Firetree’s flavour are cultivated, but it is of course, only the beginning.

The Art of Great Chocolate

To craft the finest chocolate, each step in the process must be intentional,
starting with the beans. Cocoa beans rarely ripen on the tree all at once,
which is why our expert farmers complete multiple passes through the
estates during harvest, picking only the pods that are perfectly ripe. Once
picked, ripe cocoa pods are fermented. Through years of experience, our
farmers can tell whether pods have fermented for long enough purley through
touch. Perfectly fermented beans are then sun dried and sent to the chocolate
factory. Finally, by roasting, grinding and conching the mixture, our skilled
craftsmen are able to bring out the wonderful flavours inside each bean.

An Incredible Chocolate Experience

Firetree chocolate bars are crafted with cocoa beans from a single estate or
farmholding. Much like the grapes used to create fine wine, cocoa beans from
each estate have their own distinct and unique flavour. When you enjoy
Firetree chocolate you’ll notice delicate notes and nuances in each variation.
Our expertly crafted recipes and careful balance of cocoa accentuate the
unique tones in every bar. Follow our tasting guide to enjoy this incredible
chocolate experience to its fullest.

1. Snap off a piece and breathe in the different scents and fragrances
2. Place the chocolate on your tongue and allow it to slowly melt
3. Enjoy as luxurious tasting notes begin to develop and mature creating a
symphony of flavour