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English Biscuits Just Right for Sharing, Snacking and Gift-Giving

The Waterbridge Great British Biscuit Company brings true biscuits to Canadians who will settle for nothing less than authentic English products.  Carefully produced and imported to seal in the flavours of European treats, all Waterbridge biscuits are meant for one goal: your ultimate satisfaction.

Enjoy Great British Biscuit Company favourites on the go, after a day of work or with a cup of tea.  They make the perfect hostess gift for parties, and are always appreciated as a gesture of thanks.  Dressed to look great without a ribbon or bow, all Waterbridge biscuit collections are priced affordably and available in Canadian retailers.

Biscuit or Cookie?  By Any Other Name, It Would Still Be Lovely!

Shakespeare once said a rose by any other name would smell as sweet… this truth extends to the traditional British biscuit.  Though some have taken to calling biscuits “cookies”, genuine English biscuits have a taste and texture that’s highly distinctive.  You can call our Waterbridge Great British Biscuit Company products anything you like – just make sure you have enough on hand!

Upscale British Biscuits Without the Excessive Price

Like all Waterbridge products, our biscuit collections are priced to fit the budget of almost any Canadian consumer.  This allows you to enjoy upscale, traditional flavours and wholesome ingredients without worrying about the cost.  As one of the premier importers of fine biscuits from Britain, Waterbridge always provides high quality despite the surprisingly low price.

The Right Mix of Crunch and Crumble

What would a British biscuit be without the slight snap of a crunch mixed with the tantalizing crumble to finish the bite?  Our English biscuits possess exactly the consistency that you remember from your childhood.  Take yourself back to sweet memories, and make new ones, with British biscuits from Waterbridge. 

Look for the Waterbridge Great British Biscuit Company label at your nearest favourite retailer!