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Bring Home the Rich Flavour of Belgian Chocolate

Chocolate lovers around the world are re-discovering the rich, magical flavours of Belgian chocolate.  Ranging from deep and dark, to mild and smooth, Belgian chocolate are the ideal concluding touch to a meal, or the perfect way to indulge during a private moment.  As the premier importer of artisan Belgian chocolate in Canada, Waterbridge is proud to bring you an assortment of sizes and types of this true marriage of the cocoa bean and time-honored recipes. Belgian chocolate and Waterbridge: a partnership rich in taste and tradition.

Belgian Chocolate – Popular Around the Globe

In Belgium, chocolate is more than a food.  It is a source of cultural identity and link to the past.  It also plays a role in the economic structure of the edible industry of the European nation.  One taste of our Waterbridge Belgian chocolate and you’ll understand what makes these creations so unique. Waterbridge Belgian chocolate has a deeper cacao flavour than its Swiss chocolate counterpart, giving it a clean, dry finish. Only chocolate that have been made in Belgium can boast the Belgian chocolate designation.  Waterbridge is proud that only authentic Belgian chocolate carries its name.  This ensures the highest level of quality from the first to last bites.

Premium Belgian Chocolate Available for All Households

You never need to pay premium price for authentic Waterbridge Belgian chocolate.  Our well-dressed bars are affordable and available at your favourite Canadian retailer.  It has never been so easy or cost-effective to indulge in pure Belgian chocolate wherever you are.  One nibble, and you will understand why Waterbridge Belgian chocolate is the brand you keep for life.

Natural Ingredients Add the Finishing Touch

You get what you put into any kind of chocolate, which is why it pays to buy the best at the most competitive price.  Our Waterbridge Belgian chocolate are created from pure ingredients and crafted to be unforgettably luscious.  Thanks to eco-friendly production and packaging methods, every Belgian chocolate you buy from Waterbridge is food you feel great about supporting.  

Waterbridge Belgian Chocolate for Gift-Giving

Are you looking for an item that is perfectly suited for seasonal giving, housewarming events or a hostess surprise?  Belgian chocolate from Waterbridge always make delicious gifts.  They come in a range of sizes and flavours to satisfy anyone’s appetite for chocolate.  Look for our logo and feel good knowing you have made the right choice.

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